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Caroline Jayne Church

“I love you like the moon loves each shining star.

I love all that you will be, and everything you are.”

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When I read these words I knew I just had to by the book How Do I Love You? This phrase expresses everything I feel for my boys. Since I bought this first book illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church, I became a super fan! I feel like her collection of books about love connect me and my children during story time. More importantly, Cookie and Chocolate Chip both love these sweet simple stories and beautiful illustrations! I think they are perfect Valentine’s Day books!

“I love my fingers. I love my toes. I love my eyes. I love my nose. I love my arms and belly, too.
But most of all, I love you.”

I Love You Book by Caroline Jayne Church

Check out this gift set that includes another one of our favorites:

I Love You Through and Through

Jayne Church books

Caroline Jayne Church Books

We are slowly building our collection, some books in French and some books in English. They are the perfect books to read to your toddlers or preschooler. And from experience, I can vouch that these books are also perfect for special needs children! The books might not be Valentine’s Day themed but they are adorable ways to say I love you to your children.  🙂

Sweet Child Of Mine

“I love you in the crisp white snow that quietly fills the sky,
I love you in the stormy air when strong dark clouds pass by.”